Perfect Stranger

A Poem


Photo by Milada Vigerova on Unsplash

The light in your eyes

Has been extinguished for some time

The things that brought you joy

No longer fulfilling.

The music in your soul

Has been absent for some time

The simple pleasures in which you rejoiced

No longer enjoyable.

The glow of your aura

Has been dull for some time

The calm and cool always surrounding you

No longer an option.

The weight on your spirit

Has crushed you for some time

The real you slipping away into the darkness

No longer resembling

Any likeness of you

As you stare into the mirror

At a perfect stranger

And staring back at you

Only a distant memory

Of another lifetime

A striking resemblance

Of a person you’d like to be.

- Pratiti Renée Mehta



Pratiti Renee Mehta

Lover/writer of poetry, romance, paranormal, self-help, etc. I don’t enjoy the confines of a niche. Published author: What Storms May Bring: Seasons of Change.